🌈🌈🌈 Celebrate Mongolian Republic Day (Монгол Улс Тунхагласны баяр) here at Creative Bamboo Center with your family! 🌎🌟🌎
Get to know more about Mongolian culture, heritage, traditions, arts, games, and crafts with your little ones as you dance, sing, play and create at our event! We're sure you'll enjoy this opportunity to immerse yourselves into Mongolian culture, as it is a valuable way to spend time with your family💕🙌🏼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 💕
🌟Welcome to Creative Bamboo's Mongolian Culture and Heritage Day!🌟
⭐ Our program includes:
🕰️ For the first hour🕰️
Kids will be introduced to Mongolian culture as they dance, sing and play with our amazing line-up!
💥Traditional Mongolian Band "Ayalguu" will be introduced
💥Traditional Mongolian musical instruments such as the Mongolian Horse Fiddle, Yochin, Mongolian Double Bass, Flute, and Khuuchir will be introduced
💥You'll be able to sing your favorite songs with your family!
💥Then, you'll be able to dance Uelzuur and Bielgee with us!
💥After, we'll all learn how to play a song using instruments!
🕰️ For the next two hours:🕰️
We've divided our creative corner into multiple stations, so you'll easily get to expand your knowledge on Mongolian heritage and culture! And don't you worry, there will be something to do for everyone of all ages!
💥Making felt books with the help of "Yamkh Okhin" Company
💥Playing "Ankle Bones" with an instructor
💥A representator from the Mongolian Intellectual Museum will be teaching and introducing kids to riddles, and playing puzzles
💥A specialist will be teaching about endangered animals in Mongolia
💥 Using shrink art, making cool nick-nacks in the shape of the endangered animals we learned about
💥Introducing the art of Mongolian calligraphy
💥Building a Mongolian Ger together!
We'll also be serving complimentary blueberry and seabuckthorn juice as well as Mongolian milk curd (aaruul) 😊😍😋😋😋
And with that, we invite you to come celebrate the holiday with us! (We have stickers! 😉)😊 Come in with your deel too!
❗Quickly contact us for space is limited!❗
When will this happen?
🔹2018.11.24 at 15:00 to 18:00
🔹2018.11.25 at 15:00 to 18:00
🎫 Тicket price: 50,000₮ per child (parents/guardians are free)
🎉 You can sign-up your child via our website:, or by phone.
📞 Our phone: 7777-7117, 8818-7894.

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2 - 6 age